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BizzNet offers every business owner a complete e-commerce solution, which comprises of a shopping website and an android based mobile application; to enhance / re-invent their business digitally and extend their reach to more number of customers by giving it a global presence and ease of shopping to their customers. UnoShoonya proud fully presents BizzNet (e-commerce solution), a powerful medium to scale up and enhance your business digitally. With its personalized shopping website and android application, it intends to ease the shopping experience and widen its reach globally

Bizznet is a medium to Expand Empower Flourish Grow Scale Revive Rejuvenate Digitized Transform your business.

Publish & Manage

Personalized E-Commerce Store and Mobile Application

Personalized Website and Mobile Application

At BizzNet we offer you a mobile optimized Online Shopping Website, Android Application, with easy drag and drop menus, designer-made themes, beautiful galleries, a domain name, SSL secure hosting, SEO, full technical and non-technical support and other necessary utilities required to run your E-Commerce Store all wrapped up in one Product "BizzNet".

Do It Yourself with Ease and no IT knowledge required

Once your store is live, anyone without having a depth IT knowledge can add, edit or modify unlimited number of products in a very easy way and run the entire online store without any hassle.

Do It Yourself with Ease and no IT knowledge required
Brand establishment & Promotion

Brand establishment & Promotion

In the age of internet having your business presence helps to reach and promote to a larger section of customer base. With stunning themes and design it aids to attract potential clients and thus making your business establish online.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management has never been an easy task, BizzNet here comes with an integrated Inventory Management Solution which will help all users to track and update their buying and selling. Real time stocks report generation.

Inventory Management
GST Compliant Invoicing

GST Compliant Invoicing

Invoicing is crucial for any transaction to occur. The invoice becomes a basic document for recording the sale/purchase in books of accounts. Government of India has notified rules of invoicing under GST along with a template of invoice covering the elements such as supplier’s details, GST tax rates etc that need to be presented. Our Solution provides GST compliant invoices.

Know your Customer

Knowing and managing the customers was never been so easy, here with BizzNet a user will get access to know each and everything about their customers. By knowing the pattern of their customers they can easily manage their inventory.

Know your Customer
Customized Sales Reports


Reports are very crucial for any business and helps to analyse various aspects. Bizznet provides number of reports for microscopic study of inventory, sales and purchase, thus helping in futuristic strategy development.